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Photos by Marcus Bleasdale

The war in eastern DRC has continued in different guises for the last twenty years, making it one of the most protracted and devastating wars of the young millennium.
The millennium, however, is not as young as the majority of war’s fighters, many of whom are recruited at the onset of puberty.



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Actors, Impact on Civilians, Environments, Resources Cross-border Conflicts and their Connections: The Case of the African Great Lakes and South Sudan Resources Suffering, Exploitation, and Displacement Marcus Bleasdale’s images of the conflict in eastern Democratic of Congo (DRC) emerge from a decade-long immersion in the troubled dynamics of that region. In the background of his images that highlight human suffering, exploitation, and displacement, is a land bedeviled by its riches. By documenting how the quest for mineral wealth reconfigures the social and economic landscape, Bleasdale opens windows onto the importance of understanding the “resource curse” that has beset eastern DRC.… Impact on Civilians, Environments, Resources Chris Lavers: Space-Based Monitoring of Armed Conflict and its Impact on Civilians Chris Lavers a Visiting Research Fellow at the CCW during the 2020-2021 academic year, This article explores the existing use of satellite imaging for the monitoring of armed conflict impact, including settlement distractions and environment deterioration. In combination with the “traditional” data, satellite imaging might play a crucial role in the protection of civilians and providing evidence of human rights violations. High resolution commercially… Impact on Civilians, Environments The Consequences of Refugee Repatriation for Stayees: A Threat to Stability and Sustainable Development? Carlos Vargas-Silva, University of Oxford Using longitudinal data from Burundi collected in 2011 and 2015, this paper explores the consequences of repatriation for stayee households i.e. those who never left the country during the conflict Large-scale refugee repatriation is sometimes considered a threat to stability and sustainable development because of the burden it could impose on receiving communities. Yet the empirical evidence on the impacts of refugee return is limited. Using… Actors, Impact on Civilians Responding to Sexual Violence in Conflict: Fighting Impunity in DRC Chloe Lewis, University of Oxford Sexual violence in conflict once again captured the international spotlight earlier this month when gynaecologist, Dr Denis Mukwege, and human rights activist, Nadia Murad, were jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Responding to sexual violence grew exponentially in importance on international policy agendas over the past decade, with clear implications for operational and programmatic practice across conflict-affected contexts. The adoption of UN Security…