Adrian Garside

Project Associate
Marjan Centre for the Study of Conflict and the Environment, King’s College London

Adrian Garside specialises in the management of wildlife Protected Areas amidst contemporary war and armed conflict. His research involves actors from across fault lines, to manage ecosystems amidst violent competition over land and natural resources. Adrian brings over 25 years of experience in policy and execution, addressing conflicts in Africa, the Balkans and Middle East. A strategic planning officer at the UN Headquarters, adviser to the African Union mission in Darfur and the UK government’s first Stabilisation Adviser in Sudan, he has first-hand experience tackling complex, violent conflicts in a range of settings. He has spent the past 6 years at the interface between politicised violence and wildlife conservation in South Sudan’s ongoing civil war. He is a Research Fellow at the Marjan Centre for the study of conflict and the environment, King’s College London.